The ongoing outbreak touches most every corner of our lives, and therapy is no exception.

While many are beginning to receive vaccinations that reduce the urgency of self-isolation and responsible social distancing measures, many more still have weeks or months before the option to begin returning to a more normal life is available to them.

During this “home stretch” period of transition, while the temptation to skip ahead of safety recommendations is strong, it is more important than ever that we maintain connection and solidarity with our communities and one another as individuals, even though we must find original new ways to do so safely. We can all do our part to beat this virus and avoid a third wave. 

For those who have not yet been vaccinated, physical distance is still important whenever possible. But, isolating ourselves from the support of others will only worsen the stress, anxiety, and instability of these uncertain times. The concern is real, but fear of sickness must not become withdrawal from our friends and support systems.  To get through to the other side of this global crisis, we must mobilize and stay engaged, drawing strength from one another as we do our part to keep ourselves and our loved ones healthy, grounded, and hopeful.

An especially important form of stability through engagement is ensuring continuity of care. I cherish the relationships I have cultivated with my patients, friends, and colleagues. Our collective wellbeing has been at the forefront of my mind these past months, as I have worked to evolve measures to protect our physical health while continuing to meet the emotional needs of the clients I work with. 

To this end, I am continuing to offer all of my clients new flexible options for appointments going forward. Until this crisis has passed, any clients who cannot safely attend in-person office visits may now choose to use telephone or secure HIPAA-compliant video call “virtual visit” sessions instead.

If neither of these are suitable for your specific situation, please reach out to discuss other options. I will gladly work with you to craft a care plan that best meets your individual needs and circumstances.

It is especially important that any unvaccinated clients who may be experiencing symptoms, have had known exposure to someone who has fallen ill, or those who are or live with vulnerable population members stay home and transition to telehealth sessions until the danger of transmission has passed.

For those who are vaccinated and can safely resume traditional in-person appointments, I will of course continue to take every precaution to maintain a disinfected office environment, including continuing to require masks for the time being and providing seating in accordance with distancing recommendations for persons who are not mutual household members. 

Please contact me with any questions or concerns, and to set up alternative arrangements if you are unable to come to in-person appointments.

Dear clients and colleagues,


Be well ,

Licensed Clinical Social Worker